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The “Ruf Mustang” Riding Simulator

The “Mustang” Riding Simulator, whose body is made of various woods and metals, resembles the basic shape of a horse. Fitted with a genuine leather saddle and stirrups, this mechanical horse gives its users a pleasant and familiar feeling for the unit’s movement sequences. Patients also appreciate the steplessly adjustable oscillating lift movement, which in this way imitates the various gaits of a horse.

The advantages of the “RUF Mustang” in treatment and preventive therapy lie in the movement technology, which stimulates the human physiology. Thanks to sophisticated engineering, we achieve gentle running, even strokes, and a lateral deflection which with harmonized oscillations produces positive stimulation and excitation effects even for different body weights.

  • The initial basic of riding can be taught
  • Used only in enclosed spaces, so not affected by the weather
  • Significant reduction of school/therapy horse workload
  • Low mounting
  • The riding instructor has things easier, thanks to the human-engineered posture thus facilitated
  • No riding facility required
  • The horse does not need to be trained
  • Allergies (e.g. asthma, hay fever, allergy to horsehair, allergic reactions to dust or cold), can be largely eliminated.