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Product overview
The “RUF Mustang” Riding Simulator
The “Mustang” Riding Simulator, whose body is made of various woods and metals, resembles the basic shape of a horse. Fitted with a genuine leather saddle and stirrups, this mechanical horse gives its users a pleasant and familiar feeling for the unit’s movement sequences … more information
RUF Mustang

Multi-purpose support and holding systems

Arthroscopy, arm and body supports. Here the radiolucent arthroscopy support … more information
Arthroskopy support


The new Swing’o excels in terms of guided 3-D vibrations, steplessly adjustable. This special type of vibration enables the entire effect to be concentrated on the area under treatment … more information

“3-D Perlswing”

The efficient 3-dimensional swinging therapy with lumbar spine, dorsal spine and cervical spine extension.

The defined swinging application


Whole-body complex training with the aid of the “RUF Aktifabor”.


Coordination training with the “Coordex”


The RUF Brachius enables you to give free rein to your imagination and your therapeutic ideas. There are hardly any natural movements which the RUF Brachius cannot reproduce … more information

“Hang Down”
By suspending your body below the armpits, you can use the “Hang Down” unit to provide effective relief of stress on the backbone; the pressure on the intervertebral disks decreases, and at the same time the disks are watered, and the back muscles stretched, strengthened, and provided with enhanced circulation … more information
Hang Down