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Multi-purpose support and holding systems

We offer you a broad selection of various patterns:

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Universal Anesthesiology Support
Operating Room Position Aids and Lateral Positioners
Another example of our various arm and body supports
Radiolucent Arthroscopy Support

RUF Multi-Purpose Anaesthesia Support
  • The RUF Anaesthesia Set has been developed for operating theatre applications, to ensure optimum positioning of the arm, whether the patient is placed on his/her stomach, back or side.
  • The set excels in terms of individualized composition, simple handling and a high level of safety.
  • Single-lever operation for both arm supports ensures that they can be directly fixed in any desired position.
  • Another advantage is one-hand operation of the main clamp with distributor function, offering the support options required for all arm operations / anaesthesia.
  • If necessary, the entire set can be swung downwards in a single movement.
  • A multi-purpose clamping system enables the set to be affixed quickly and securely to any operating table.

RUF Operating Theatre Multi-Purpose Support
  • The RUF Operating Theatre Support is a multi-purpose device: stable side positioning, kidneys, metal removal (femur/tibia), thorax, arthroscopy
  • The RUF Operating Theatre Multi-Purpose Support meets all the requirements for patient positioning. It is fast and simple to operate.
  • The special concept for this support enables almost every angular position required in the operating theatre to be set.
  • The wide range of applications results from a meticulously crafted construction:
    • The central control unit functions using an eccentric, thus providing one-hand operation. The support is placed against the patient, whereupon the elements are automatically adjusted, and can be fixed in position directly.
    • The upper element has 240° mobility, the lower element can be moved by as much as 260°.
    • The rotating cushion, swivelling through 360°, enables almost all support positions to be quickly and easily set.

RUF Operating Theatre Arthroscopy Support
  • The RUF Operating Theatre Arthroscopy Support is permeable to X-rays.
  • Thanks to the swivelling vice (laterally adjustable by 80° in both directions) ensures safe working in all support configurations.
  • High-precision guides guarantee long lifetimes for the guide rods, without wear and tear. Easy adjustment and fixing of the support is assured even after lengthy use.
  • One crucial advantage of the RUF Supports is that they fit into all mountings from other firms’ systems encountered in operating theatres.
High-precision design and meticulous manufacture from top-quality materials guarantee RUF products maximised durability, and safe working with your patients.